India Webcams

India Webcams

Live webcams located in the country of India, South Asia. See sites and sounds indoors and outdoors in popular cities such as New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai and more.

Mumbai India Live Webcam

This camera is located in Gaothan in Chembur, Mumbai, India. Gives a live view of a street corner in a neighborhood.

View Live Webcam: Mumbai India Live Webcam

Octopus Webcams

Octopus Webcams

Here you can watch Octopus webcams located at various aquariums and underwater cams around the world.

Octocam | Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center

This octopus cam shows you a giant Pacific octopus and has live streaming video. Watch the octopus swim around and see people in the background watching him. There is also a camera that allows you to watch the feeding times – 1:00 pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

View Live Webcam: Octocam | Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center

Ocean Living – National Zoo| FONZ

This giant octopus webcam comes to you from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, DC. See the octopus swimming in the aquarium and museum visitors walking by in streaming video.

View Live Webcam: Ocean Living – National Zoo| FONZ

Wolf Webcams

Wolf Webcams

View live webcams of wolves in their natural and captive habitats.

Here you can see wolves on these live webcams located at zoos and other natural and captive habitats around the world. There are many different types of wolves including the Timber Wolf, Arctic, North American and many more.

Bays Mountain Park Wolf Cam

Live webcam from inside a wolf habitat. This wolf cam may be down from time to time, but keep checking often as it will be back online soon. Bays Mountain wolf cam updates every three minutes.

View Live Webcam: Bays Mountain Park Wolf Cam

Germany Webcams

Germany Webcams

View live webcams from all around the country of Germany Deutschland. Most of these cameras will be outdoors or in categories we could not find a home for.

Oberkirch Webcam
This webcam overlooks Oberkirch, Germany and appears to show a small castle and the town below from a view on top of a hill. Image updates every 15 minutes.

View Live Webcam: Oberkirch Webcam

Krov Germany Webcam
This webcam is located Krov, Germany and appears to show outside of a home or apartment on the streets of a small town or neighborhood.

View Live Webcam: Krov Germany Webcam

Moselle Valley Webcam
This site has two webcams in Germany – one titled Mosel bei Bernkastel-Kues which shows a river and bridge and beautiful valley. Another shows the streets and shops at Bernkastel Kues.

View Live Webcam: Moselle Valley Webcam

Frankfurt Germany Weather Cam
This camera gives current weather conditions in Frankfurt, Germany as well as a webcam pointing at a town square area in Frankfurt.

View Live Webcam: Frankfurt Germany Weather Cam

Hamburg Germany Webcam
Live webcam located in Hamburg, Germany. Image updates every second and gives a birds eye view of an intersection in town.

View Live Webcam: Hamburg Germany Webcam

Bonn Germany Webcam
This webcam gives a view of a bridge and river Rhein in Bonn, Germany. is an AXIS LIVE View 211 Network Camera.

View Live Webcam: Bonn Germany Webcam

FINO Offshore Windmill Farm Webcams
This is a pretty cool set of webcams that show the FINO offshore windmills somewhere in Germany. Called Forschungsplattformen in Ord. There are 4 different webcams. Get a close up of the windmills, helicopter pad and more.

View Live Webcam: FINO Offshore Windmill Farm Webcams

Nagelstudio Indira Webcam in Frankfurt Germany
Webcam gives a view of Main street in Frankfurt, Germany from Indiras Nagelstudio. Watch people walking and driving by.

View Live Webcam: Nagelstudio Indira Webcam in Frankfurt Germany

Kuhlungsborn Germany Webcam
Live webcam gives a view of Kuhlungsborn, Germany and weather conditions near the Baltic Sea. Haus Bartelmann is in the view which I believe is a hotel or bed and breakfast.

View Live Webcam: Kuhlungsborn Germany Webcam

Random Germany Webcam
Here is a random webcam located somewhere in Germany. I have no idea where but gives a view of what looks like an apartment or motel and a street right next to it.

View Live Webcam: Random Germany Webcam

Munich Germany Webcam
Live webcam from Munich, Germany shows buildings and houses on the horizon. Cam is at Blick vom ESG-Standort Munchen.

View Live Webcam: Munich Germany Webcam

Dog And Puppy Webcams

Dog And Puppy Webcams

View live webcams of puppies and dogs at various homes, humane societies and other animal shelters around the world.

Atlanta Humane Society – Atlanta Pet Rescue & Pet Adoption in Georgia – AHS
This puppy cam comes to you from the Atlanta Humane Society in Georgia and gives you an overhead view of the cute, adorable puppies at the shelter. If you want to adopt a puppy, or know someone who might want to, please send them this link 🙂

View Live Webcam: Atlanta Humane Society – Atlanta Pet Rescue & Pet Adoption in Georgia – AHS

Rudy the Dog Cam
The top webcam on this page gives a live view of a dog food and water bowl that are used by Rudy, Buffer and Ollie. Rudy is a rat terrier, Buffer is a Chi-Poodle and Ollie is a Minature Dachshund. Webcam updates every 6 seconds.

View Live Webcam: Rudy the Dog Cam

PETA Bea Arthur Dog Park Webcam
This dog watching webcam is located at Bea Arthur Dog Park at PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. Bring your dog to this park if you live in the area or watch other dogs on this cam with streaming video. Watch dogs playing and maybe swimming, too!

View Live Webcam: PETA Bea Arthur Dog Park Webcam

Puppy Webcam in Austria
Watch seven newborn Appenzeller puppies in a barn on this webcam in Austria. Puppy webcam image updates every minute.

View Live Webcam: Puppy Webcam in Austria

Southeastern Guide Dogs Puppy Webcam
This is an excellent, high quality webcam that lets you watch puppies in streaming video. These are guide dog puppies typically a Labrador breed. If you know of someone who may need a service dog, this organization is located in Palmetto, Florida.

View Live Webcam: Southeastern Guide Dogs Puppy Webcam

Camp Bow Wow Dog Day Care Cam
Camp Bow Wow has several different webcams where you can watch dogs staying at this dog day care center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

View Live Webcam: Camp Bow Wow Dog Day Care Cam

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital Dog Boarding Cam
This cam gives a view of a dog boarding area at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Watch dogs playing in this outdoor dog playing and relaxing area.

View Live Webcam: Rutherford Veterinary Hospital Dog Boarding Cam

Aspen Animal Shelter Webcam
This site features a live webcam at Aspen Animal Shelter in Colorado. Watch dogs playing outside in streaming video. This is a Live view – AXIS 207W Network Camera.

View Live Webcam: Aspen Animal Shelter Webcam

Arizona Webcams

Arizona Webcams

Here you can view live webcams throughout the state of Arizona. See famous landmarks and other areas in and around popular cities such as Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale and many other locations.

Sedona Arizona Webcam

This site provides an awesome webcam that gives multiple live views of Sedona, Arizona. Camera switches locations every 10 seconds. See the airport, areas of town, Oak Creek Canyon and more.

View Live Webcam: Sedona Arizona Webcam

Arizona Sunset Cam

Live webcam located outside of Phoenix, Arizona gives a view of an authentic Arizona sunset.

View Live Webcam: Arizona Sunset Cam

Raccoon Webcams

Raccoon Webcams

View live webcams of raccoons and other nocturnal animals such as Opossum, skunks and more.

Raccoon CAM

This raccoon webcam is one of the best on the Internet as its on 24 hours a day and updates about once a second. Watch raccoons and other animals such as fox, skunks, opossum and more. Camera also has a few remote controls – zoom, auto focus as well as sound and preset angles.

View Live Webcam: Raccoon CAM

Parakeet Budgie Webcams

Parakeet Budgie Webcams

Live parakeet (also called Budgie or Budgerigar) webcams from various locations. Usually they are in cages and sometimes will give you a view of a nest with baby parakeets on the way.


Birdcast Live Parakeet Webcam

Live parakeet cam shows inside a cage and updates every few seconds. Keep an eye on this cam during nesting periods for baby budgies.

View Live Webcam: Birdcast Live Parakeet Webcam