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No animal may be more feared in some parts of the world than the alligator. This reptile is often described as a “living fossil” because of its tenacity in self-preservation. Just two species of alligator are currently known: American alligators and the Chinese alligator.

Often confused with crocodiles, an alligator can be identified because of a snout that is wider and more rounded, often with a darker color to it.

Interesting Facts About Alligators

#1. Alligators often rely on an ambush tactic when hunting. They are able to be successful with this type of hunting because of the extreme strength that is in their bite. An alligator can bite with nearly 3,000 pounds of force, which makes it one of the strongest bites of any living creature on the planet today.

#2. The alligator has two aortas. This allows it to transition blood to the stomach to assist with the digestive process when it eats a large meal. Their stomachs also have strong acids that can break down the food quicker than most other animals. If a human could eat an equivalent amount to an alligator, it would be like eating a 40-pound steak for dinner.

#3. Alligators are often at the top of their food chain. This means their biggest threat, outside of humans, is other alligators. Within a local population, up to 10% of the alligators that are born every year become meals for the older alligators.

#4. An alligator is tough for more reasons than just a strong bite and a tough hide. There is also a serum that is only found in the blood of alligators that is extremely effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, and parasites. This allows an alligator to thrive, even when injured in a germ-laden swamp.

#5. Alligators are not monogamous in their relationships, but they do show a certain preference for a specific mate. Even when there are multiple partners involved, alligators still tend to prefer relationships with their preferred mates.

#6. The alligator might be viewed as a fierce carnivore, but it doesn’t mind having some fruit every now and then either.

#7. American alligators are surprisingly agile for a creature of their size. In particular, they are known for their climbing abilities. They have been known to climb trees, fences, and even homes to find a good spot to relax in a sunbeam.

#8. Some alligators have shown the potential ability to lure prey toward them. This includes gathering sticks in order to bring birds closer to them.

Live Alligator Cams

Alligators are fast and deadly in nature. It only takes a moment for an alligator to strike. These dangers are minimized in captivity, but not completely eliminated. That’s why webcams like these have become so popular.

View Gatorland Cam.

View Everglades National Park Cam.

The true speed and strength of an alligator has to be seen in order for it to be believed.

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