Devices Connected To The Internet

Devices Connected To The Internet

Here you can find sites that let you remotely control various devices that are connected to the Internet! Examples include lamps, lights, signs, R/C remotely controlled cars and more.

UWA Telerobot Webcam
The UWA Telerobot is brought to you by the University of Western Australia and allows you to remotely control a robotic arm to move various colored blocks and other shapes around. Watch on a live streaming webcam, too.

View Live Webcam: UWA Telerobot Webcam

Drive our RC Cars
When active, this web site lets you control two RC cars over the internet – a police cruiser and a a viper. Move forward, backward and other directions and watch the results on a live webcam.

View Live Webcam: Drive our RC Cars

Drive Me Insane Webcams
This site has several different webcams that allow you to control lights and other devices connected to the internet. Turn lamps, Christmas trees and more on and off. If you are feeling brave you can also add your cam to the site.

View Live Webcam: Drive Me Insane Webcams

The Santa Claw
The Santa Claw is an enormously popular web site right now that allows visitors to remotely control a giant toy crane. Login with an account from Twitter or Facebook – or sign up with your email address. Once you log in you have to wait in line. When I tried it, there were about 300 people in front of me, so be prepared to wait. Once it is your turn, you will have a chance to try to pick up a leftover Christmas toy. As an added bonus, if you win, your prize will be shipped to you!

View Live Webcam: The Santa Claw

Trojan Room Coffee Machine
The Trojan Room Coffee Machine was the first webcam to be connected to the internet to start the craze. The site is still up, but webcam is down. Still, it is fascinating to view this wonderful piece of Internet history.

View Live Webcam: Trojan Room Coffee Machine

Remote Control Light Cam
Turn lights on and off on this strange looking sculpture or piece of art that looks like a man with tree limbs coming out of his head.

View Live Webcam: Remote Control Light Cam

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