Grizzly Bear Webcams

Grizzly bears have an incredible sense of smell. They can detect food that may be several miles away. Grizzlies have the reputation for being meat eaters, but a majority of their diet includes roots, berries, and even mushrooms.

Every season, grizzly bears will put on extra weight so they can hibernate through the winter. For up to 4 months every year, these bears may gain up to 3 pounds per day.

Interesting Facts About Grizzly Bears

#1. Grizzlies are very good at digging. This is because of their long claws and the “hump” of muscle that is located at their shoulder. Their strength is also apparent when they use their paws in an attack.

#2. The grizzly bear is generally an animal that prefers solitude. This also means they are rarely territorial, so it is not uncommon to find these bears eating together when there is an abundant food supply. For Grizzly mothers, her cubs will accompany her for up to 3 years before they strike out on their own path.

#3. Grizzlies will use trees to scratch itches that are on their back. Each bear has a certain tree or type of tree that it prefers. These are called “rub trees” and several bears may all use the same tree. Researchers have discovered that by collecting fur samples and DNA from these trees, they can determine how many bears may be living in a specific region.

#4. Grizzly bears are strong swimmers, but they are even better runners. At full speed, an adult male Grizzly can reach 35 miles per hour over short distances.

#5. Grizzly bears are primarily found in Canada and the United States. It is legal to hunt Grizzlies in Canada, but it is illegal to do so in the US.

#6. As a subspecies, the Grizzly bear is listed as being “threatened” by some agencies, such as the Fish and Wildlife Service in the United States. Because hunting is illegal, the top dangers to these bears involves development, mining, and logging. Grizzlies are attracted to the smells of garbage and livestock, which causes them to come into close contact with humans that can sometimes be dangerous.

#7. When Grizzly bears are young, they have the ability to climb trees as a way to avoid danger. As the bear grows older and puts on more weight, they lose this ability. This is particularly useful for cubs who may be being hunted by a male Grizzly bear.

#8. Most Grizzly bears are born when their mothers are in hibernation. This means the mother is asleep when the cub is born. It is up to the cub, who is blind and without fur, to find where they need to nurse and stay warm.

Live Grizzly Bear Cams

Grizzly bear webcams have been setup in zoos, national parks, and wildlife refuge centers. Each offers a different viewing experience.

View Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center Cam.

View Katami National Park Cam.

View Woodland Park Zoo Cam.

In the US, outside of Alaska, the best place to view Grizzly bears in the wild is at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Here you can see Grizzly Bears on webcams located outdoors in their natural environment or at various zoos around the globe.

Grouse Mountain Live Grizzly Bear Cam

This Grizzly Bear cam comes to you from the Grouse Mountain wildlife refuge in Vancouver. The webcam has streaming video and is on 24 hours a day. There are two Grizzly Bears living here.

View Live Webcam: Grouse Mountain Live Grizzly Bear Cam

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