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Manatees are sea creatures that prefer a slower pace to life. They are quite large, slow, and tend to loll about. This has led to them being given the nickname “sea cow.” Despite the comparisons to livestock, the manatee is actually an herbivore that is closely related to elephants.

They can weigh up to 1 ton and can swim at a top speed that has been observed to be 20 miles per hour.

Interesting Facts About Manatees

#1. All three species of manatee that are known are considered to be endangered. In coastal areas of the United States where they are present, laws have had to be passed to prevent harassment of these animals. People have been observed hugging them and even trying to ride on them. Other threats to them include hunting and collisions with boats.

#2. Manatees prefer shallow waters because of what they prefer to eat. Algae, sea grasses, and mangrove leaves makes up a majority of their diet and they will spend up to 12 hours every day finding something to eat.

#3. The manatee comes specially equipped to move from saltwater to freshwater environments and then back again. Their metabolism has evolved in such a way that it can regulate salt concentrations so that they never reach dangerous levels. Some manatees, such as the West Indian manatee, may require daily freshwater access for proper health, but movement back and forth is never a problem for this sea creature.

#4. Manatees need to have warm water in order to survive. This is because they have minimal fat, despite their large size. Their metabolism is also much slower compared to other animals. In just one winter that was colder than normal in 2010, nearly 250 manatees died in Florida because of the stresses from the cold water.

#5. A manatee can hold its breath for up to 20 minutes, though most tend to surface about every 5 minutes to breathe.

#6. Manatees are able to constantly replace teeth that get broken or lost through the course of their life. Older teeth will even fall out to be replaced with newer teeth, even if they haven’t been damaged.

#7. The urban legend of finding mermaids out at sea are believed to be interactions that ships had with manatees.

#8. Manatees are only one of two mammals that have an even number of vertebrae in their neck. Most mammals have 7 vertebrae, including humans. Manatees have only six. It is believed that this change is due to their slower overall metabolism rates.

#9. The brain of a manatee is smooth, without any cortical folds. Their ratio of body size to brain mass is also the lowest of any mammal that is known.

Live Manatee Cams

Manatees may not move very quickly, but they can differentiate between different colors. They are also very sensitive to touch. These webcams will help you be able to look at manatees online without worrying about touching them.

View Manatee Lagoon Cam.

View Blue Spring State Park Cam.

These gentle creatures are very curious. This had led to several interesting encounters with webcams.

Watch manatees swimming around at various aquariums throughout the world and sometimes in their natural habitat.

Manatee webcams. Here you can watch live web cams of Manatees in their natural habitat and at zoos, aquariums and other captive habitats. Some webcams have streaming video and can be remotely controlled.

FPL | Riviera Beach Manatee Webcam

Hundreds of manatees visiting Riviera Beach at FPL’s power plant. This is a refuge that manatees seek when the water gets cold. In FPL’s power plant in South Florida a multi-million dollar heating system that pumps warm water into the manatee’s refuge.

View Riviera Beach, FL Manatee Cam

Snooty Cam

Well , its is very big tank of snooty . In which two snooty lives very well. These are not available easily.All together these snooty looks good!

View Live Webcam: Snooty Cam

Nature Coast Central – Manatee Cam – Homosassa Florida

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. This cam is more colorful than some others, with a mostly blue screen and something resembling coral below. It updates only every 30 seconds, however, so that there is no possibility of live action footage. Moreover, you don’t always get to see a manatee.

View Live Webcam: Nature Coast Central – Manatee Cam – Homosassa Florida

Tampa Electric – Web cam East

This is a very cool site which allows you to manually control the camera to enable watching manatees in their environment. The user may have to wait in line for viewing, but once you are in control of the camera, you can zoom, pan and actually witness the manatees surfacing on the water.

View Live Webcam: Tampa Electric – Web cam East

Netcams |

It consists of various creatures living under the water such as Dallas World Aquarium Manatee Cam: fishes , tortoise , snakes etc. its a site seeing place which contain detailed information about the aquatic animals.

View Live Webcam: Netcams |

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