Mobotix M10 Live Webcams

Mobotix M10 Live Webcams

Live webcams using Mobotix M10 webcam technology.

Live mobotix m10 webcam in Germany

This is a live Mobotix M1 webcam located somwhere in Germany, but I’m honestly not sure where. You can see a church on the hill next to a train station, a street and what looks like a castle at the top of one hill.

View Live Webcam: Live mobotix m10 webcam in Germany

Inbal-Jerusalem Executive Lounge

This Mobotix M10 webcam is located in Jerusalem and gives a view of (or from) the Inbal-Jerusalem Executive Lounge. You can see a large building and streets and traffic below as well as the skyline.

View Live Webcam: Inbal-Jerusalem Executive Lounge

University of Twente Webcam

Live webcam located at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands.

View Live Webcam: University of Twente Webcam

Mobotix D12 Webcam Neighboorhood Cam

Here is a Mobotix D12 mx10-3-106-58 webcam that appears to be located in a neighborhood somewhere in California? Not sure but the weather looks nice there.

View Live Webcam: Mobotix D12 Webcam Neighboorhood Cam

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