Manassas Old Town Railroad Webcam

Manassas Old Town Railroad Webcam

Manassas Old Town Railroad

Located within the Prince William County and formerly acquired and subsequently restored to house a tourist information office and railroad exhibit, the Manassas Old Town Railroad depot is one of the busiest railroad stops in northern Virginia.

Interesting Facts About The Manassas Old Town Railroad

• Before becoming one of the most important and historic locations and site of many battles throughout the American Civil War, the Manassas Junction Railroad depot was first founded as a humble building situated east of it’s current station and north side of the crossing of the Alexandria and Orange and Manassas Gap railroad tracks.

• In 1972 the platform was featured as a backdrop on the cover of the album titled, “Manassas” by Stephen Stills and Chris Hillman.

• Designed by the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company the first depot was constructed after the American Civil War during the 1880s. In 1904 the depot was demolished and replaced by a brick passenger depot. In 1914 the depot was destroyed by a fire which broke out in the baggage area. The new structure which was completed at the cost of $575,000 later that year and remodeled in a red-brick Victorian style and fitted with an attractive clay tile-covered roof included four new rooms, waiting rooms, an umbrella shed as well as a newly remodeled baggage and express section.

• Today the building is used for the offices of Historic Manassas, Inc.; Tourist Information Center; as well as the site for the James & Marion Payne Memorial Railroad Heritage Gallery.

• In 2009, Amtrak Virginia founded via an alliance between the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation and Amtrak, organized the lengthening of a daily roundtrip Northeast Regional train between Lynchburg, Manassas Junction, Washington, D.C. as well as several communities located north along the Northeast Corridor and directly connecting to destinations as far as Boston.

• Amtrak railroad service does not offer baggage nor ticketing services at this station served daily by four trains including the tri-weekly Cardinal.

Manassas Old Town RailCams

Updated once per minute, the Manassas Old Town RailCams offers a view of the train station in Manassas, Virginia with Amtrak trains, Virginia Railway Express commuter trains, as well as CSX/NS freight rains.

The Historic Downtown Manassas RailCam offering live viewing 24 hours a day and seven days a week features a virtual visit to Farmers Market as well as allows train lovers the opportunity to watch the trains come and go at the historic Old Town train depot.

View Manassas Old Town RailCam.

Gorilla Cam

Gorillas have an extensive range, with some preferring to live in the mountains, while others prefer lowland areas. A majority of gorillas in the wild live in equatorial regions of the planet, with most located on the African continent.

There are just two species of gorilla: Eastern and Western. As the world’s largest primate, gorillas are also humanity’s closest relatives in the animal world, as about 98% of their DNA is identical to human DNA.

Interesting Facts About Gorillas

#1. Some population numbers for gorillas are quite numerous. The western lowland gorillas, for example, are believed to have up to 200,000 in population. River gorillas in Cameroon and Nigeria, however, are believed to be on the verge of extinction. Their population is believed to be under 300.

#2. Gorillas are an integral part of forest health. As they roam through the jungles of Africa, their movements spread seeds that begin to germinate into new plant life. These new plants are an important part of the food chain for many other animals in this habitat.

#3. The gorilla is believed to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They use tools in the wild to accomplish specific tasks and have a language which incorporates more than two dozen different sounds. Some gorillas in captivity have been able to learn sign language to communicate with humans. Mother gorillas have been observed using repetitive gestures and different sounds with their newborns when communicating with them.

#4. Although gorillas are often considered to be fierce creatures, they are not generally hunters. Most gorillas will eat mainly plants. Their diet is primarily bamboo, wild fruit, and various edible plants. Some lowland gorillas have also been known to eat insects on a regular basis.

#5. Gorillas will also make “homes” for their family units, though it would be more accurate to describe what they build as a “nest.” As gorillas move from location to location, they will abandon their old nests. This is generally how researchers count population levels.

#6. Most gorillas are rather shy animals. They tend to avoid conflict whenever possible, which means a gorilla isn’t a threat to a human unless the animal feels trapped or threatened in some way. Their goal is to live a gentle and peaceful life.

#7. The Silverback gorilla gets his distinctive fur color when he reaches the age of maturity. In some ways, this makes the colorization more like a human beard. Once the grey hair grows in, the male gorilla takes on more of a family role, protecting the young and stopping predators who may try to attack.

#8. Gorillas are one of the few animals that live longer in captivity than in the wild. The oldest living gorilla has reached the age of 59, with many others living above the age of 50, while in captivity. Gorillas in the wild are believed to live to the age of 35.

Live Gorilla Cams

Gorillas may be shy in person, but they are active and caring creatures when they are alone with their family groups. These are the top web cameras that can help you view these unique interactions.

View Houston Zoo Gorilla Cam.

View San Diego Zoo Gorilla Cam.

View Toledo Zoo Gorilla Cam.

Many gorilla encounters tend to happen in zoos or other captive environments. The webcams offer a glimpse into how gorillas in the wild interact.

Conway Railroad Webcam

Located in the United States and one of the country’s heritage railways, The Conway Scenic Railroad of North Conway, New Hampshire since 1979 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Interesting Facts About The Conway Railroad

• Owned by Conway Scenic and president Russ Seybold, Conway Railroad operates the line which runs from North Conway to Conway and once part of the Boston and Maine Railroad Conway Branch while the Conway Railroad Mountain Division owned by the State of New Hampshire operates the line once part of the Maine Central Railroad’s Mountain Division which runs from North Conway to Fabyan passing through Crawford Notch.

• Conway Railroad’s main terminal is sited in central North Conway’s historic Mount Washington valley.

• The railroad operates the “Valley Train” excursion which includes the Gertrude Emma (an open-deck Pullman observation car), several renovated coaches dating back to the 1920s, and a Chocorua dining car is offered by way of a 55-minute return trip south to Conway or a 1¾-hour round trip north to Bartlett.

• The railroad additionally operates a 5-hour excursion aboard a”Notch Train” which runs on a line through Crawford Notch and includes Dorthea Mae (a vista dome car), Silver Cascade #1308 (an open-air car, as well as several retired commuter coaches from the Montreal commuter pool. During the fall season the “Notch Train” is extended by a ½ hour when the train travels to the Fabyan Station near Bretton Woods in the town of Carroll.

• In 2009 the railroad operated the first and only revenue scheduled freight move for Conway Scenic through Crawford Notch since 1983. The first of any kind since 1984 a 20-axle Schnabel car carried a 227-ton transformer for the electrical utility company Public Service of New Hampshire

• In 2010 the railroad added a restored 1950s dining car to the train. The car which first which constructed as N&W Powhatan Arrow 492 was later designated Hattie Evans.

• Special events are annually held at the railroad include the 2014, 2015 Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts sponsored “Steam in the Snow” photographer’s event in January, the Thomas Railfan Day held on the first Saturday of September, and Polar Express-themed trips during December.

Conway RailCam

Click on the link below and watch a live video of Union Pacific freight trains through downtown Conway, Arkansas.

View Conway RailCam.