Giraffe Webcams

Giraffe Webcams

Here you can observe giraffes in natural and captive habitats in zoos around the world and in the wild in Africa.

Giraffe Webcam in Florida
See giraffes living at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. This is an excellent cam with streaming video. Watch the giraffes walking around and feeding.

View Live Webcam: Giraffe Webcam in Florida

Petite Lap Giraffe Webcam
This webcam is located at Sokoblovsky Farms in Russia and provides a live view of petite lap giraffes. Watch giraffes eating and playing in a barn.

View Live Webcam: Petite Lap Giraffe Webcam

Pennsylvania Webcams

Pennsylvania Webcams

Here you can see live webcams in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. Watch people and see famous landmarks in areas such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Gettysburg and more.

Philadelphia PA Webcam

This webcam is courtesy of and gives a view of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also provides an inside view of the computer store.

View Live Webcam: Philadelphia PA Webcam

Doylestowns Front Porch

Live webcam gives multiple views of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Streaming video and the camera changes point of view every few seconds.

View Live Webcam: Doylestowns Front Porch

Underwater Webcams

Underwater Webcams

These are webcams that show underwater views of fish, marine and freshwater wildlife in their true natural outdoor environment.

Live Koi Fish Cam

This Koi Fish cam comes to you from Bonnies Plants Koi & Pond Specialties in Newton, North Carolina. The Koi cam is located in a pond and provides an underwater view of the fish with streaming video.

View Live Webcam: Live Koi Fish Cam

Smallmouth and Rock Bass Webcam

This fish webcam is from Biotactic Fish and Wildlife Research and has provides a live view of smallmouth and rock bass as well as providing the current temperature. Webcam is located in the Grand River in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

View Live Webcam: Smallmouth and Rock Bass Webcam

ALR Fishcam

This webcam is located at Lake Superior State University and gives a view of fish in St Marys River and gives a view of Atlantic Salmon in streaming video.

View Live Webcam: ALR Fishcam

AIMS Data Center Reef Webcam

This coral reef webcam is brought to you by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and gives you a nice underwater view of a coral reef in Bruce, Australia. See saltwater fish and other sea life on this cam that updates every few minutes. You can also see other cams on the site including the AIMS wharf, Hardy Reef pontoon and more.

View Live Webcam: AIMS Data Center Reef Webcam