Grouse Mountain Bear Webcams

Grouse Mountain Bear Webcams

Grouse Mountain is located near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and it is home to a group of bears that calls the area their home all year long. The Grouse Mountain bears are usually Grizzly bears and will often live to an age of 25.

They are fast bears, achieving speeds of over 60 kilometers per hour when chasing something. Thanks to local resorts, it has become possible to view these animals in person, as well as on different webcams.

Interesting Facts About Grouse Mountain Bears

#1. Like other Grizzlies, the Grouse Mountain bears are distinguished by the large hump that is found on their shoulders. They typically weigh up to 350 kilograms, although female bears may be half this size. This makes these bears one of the largest land carnivores that lives in Canada right now.

#2. Grizzly bears typically stay within their home range, which for these bears is Grouse Mountain. Each bear will have its own territory on the mountain, but sometimes the claimed areas may overlap. When two bears believe they have a claim to a territory and the other bear is there, it rarely results in a fight.

#3. Grouse Mountain bears do not generally hibernate, even during the coldest winters. They will find a den and stay in there most of the winter. Many, especially the male bears, will stay active throughout the winter months.

#4. Grouse Mountain bears are very adept at catching salmon for food. A single bear might eat 100 pounds of salmon during a single hunting session. Grizzlies are also known to rely on berries and other plants to put on weight for winter. Up to 90% of the diet for these bears before winter may come from vegetation sources.

#5. Two bears on Grouse Mountain are regularly viewed by the public. Their names are Grinder and Coola. Both were found in 2001 and rescued. Both are male bears and a trip to see them includes a Skyride, breakfast, and interactive Ranger presentation.

#6. Although the Grouse Mountain bears are rather friendly with one another, most Grizzlies tend to be solitary animals.

#7. Grizzlies are sensitive bears and the Grouse Mountain bears are no exception. Thanks to many tiny muscles within their noses, they can smell a food source from several kilometers away.

Live Grouse Mountain Bear Cams

It might not always be possible to visit Grinder and Coola in person. For that reason, these webcams have been setup so you can keep an eye on the Grouse Mountain bears from the convenience of a home computer or mobile device.

View Peak of Vancouver Cam.

View WorldCam.

Grinder and Coola are known to “play fight” on a frequent basis. They find it particularly fun to play in the snow.

Museum Webcams

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Live webcams located in famous museums and art galleries.

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Cam shows you a live streaming view from inside the Doubletake Gallery located in Burnsville, Minnesota. Watch the art sitting on the wall and see potential buyers come in to shop.

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National Corvette Museum Webcam

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EAA AirVenture Museum Webcams

These site gives a view of four webcams located at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. See the Pioneer Airport and a wide variety of historic airplanes. Streaming video.

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National Air and Space Museum Web Cams

These webcams are located at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. There are four different cams that let you see historic airplanes and space vehicles such as the Space Shuttle, ra are the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, Corsair, Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay and more. All of themes museum cams have streaming video.

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Dealey Plaza Cam

This cam gives a live view from the sixth floor window of the former Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas. It gives a view from where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot John F Kennedy. Watch the view change and eventually you can see an X on the road where JFK was shot.

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Hippo Webcams

Hippopotamuses, or “hippos” for short, are only found in the wild on the African continent. Their name literally means “river horse” from the Ancient Greek. Because they tend to “sweat” out a substance that is oily and red, ancient traditions said that hippos would sweat blood.

In reality, this substance acts like a sunscreen and prevents the skin of the hippo from becoming too dry.

Interesting Facts About Hippos

#1. Adult hippos may submerge themselves in water for long periods of time. Their lung capacity is not large, however, so this means a hippo will need to surface in order to take a breath about once every 3 minutes. On the average day, a hippo might spend up to 16 hours being submerged in water.

#2. Hippos tend to be aggressive when they are around a source of water. This is because rivers, streams, and small lakes are the places where they tend to raise families. Mothers and their young will join together into “schools” so they can protect themselves more effectively against predators like lions or crocodiles.

#3. The hippo might seem like a large, slow animal, but it is surprisingly fast. Scientists have observed hippos running as fast as 30mph over a short distance.

#4. Hippos will typically stay near a water source, but may travel upwards of 10 kilometers in order to find food. Hippos are considered to be herbivores, but they have been observed attacking other animals and acting like carnivores as well. Yet if a hippo eats too much meat, it will also become sick.

#5. The most dangerous predator of the hippo is one that you can’t see with your eyes. Hippos are particularly sensitive to Anthrax, which is a rod-shaped bacterium that spreads by growing spores – sort of like a fungus. A hippo spends up to 6 hours per day grazing and this makes them susceptible to exposure since Anthrax occurs naturally in the soil.

#6. The closest animal relatives to the hippo are cetaceans. This means a hippo has more in common with dolphins and whales than they do other land animals.

#7. A group of hippos is called a “herd.” It is always led by the most dominant male in the territory. All other members of the herd are either juveniles or female hippos.

#8. Hippos are known to live for a long time. In the wild, hippos have a lifespan of about 40 years. In captivity, hippos have been known to live for up to 50 years.

Live Hippo Cams

Hippos prefer to be fairly sedentary, which makes it a lot easier to watch them on webcams than many other animals. For hippos in captivity, underwater webcams are a possibility as well. Here are the top streaming locations which show hippos right now.

View Toledo Zoo Hippo Cam.

View Mpala Hippo Live Cam.

View Marwell Wildlife Park Hippo Cam.

Hippos will protect their water territories with a ferocious clash.