Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Webcam

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Webcam

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Operating by way of Alamosa, La Veta and Monte Vista, The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad 320 km south Denver, Colorado offers a breathtaking view featuring several of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks.

Interesting Facts About Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

• In 2006 the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad of Colorado began it’s operations operating diesel and steam locomotives throughout the San Luis Valley by way of the Rio Grande and San Luis Railroad.

• In 1878 the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad within one day transported the buildings used to build the town of Alamosa. The town which by 1890, and the next fifty years would become the center for 914 mm narrow gauge railway in the United States.

• The Rio Grande Railroad veers from the original depot in the center of downtown Alamosa, once used by freight trains to receive and ship goods such as agricultural, farming, and mining equipment. Passenger service includes trains from Creede, Denver, Durango, Santa Fe, and Salida.

• The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad features a collection of several historic locomotives such as the 1910 American built Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad locomotive #18 which once operated on the Grand Canyon Railway and the Mount Hood Railroad.

• The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad features five dome cars fitted with a glass roof offering passengers a 360-degree view around the train. The railroad also includes 1930s open-air cars with bench seating and open windows; restored 1950s Pullman Coaches with air conditioning, heating, and concessions as well as a restored Parlor car with floor-to-ceiling window.

• Some of the events offered by the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad include a Mother’s Day Brunch, Rails & Ales Brewfest, Jazz, fall foliage and pumpkin patch rides; and the Train to Christmas Town.

Rio Grande Scenic RailCams

The Rio Grande Scenic RailCams offer live video of freight and tourist trains along the Rio Grande and San Louis Railroad in Alamosa.

View Rio Grande Scenic RailCam.

Tokyo Japan Webcams

Tokyo Japan Webcams

Be prepared to see some magnificent webcams from all over Toyko. Restaurants or out shopping and walking around. You will love it!

Tokyo Canal Live Webcam

This is an awesome webca in Tokyo, Japan that gives you a view of the Tokyo Canal. Watch boats going by and see skyscrapers in the city. Streaming video.

View Live Webcam: Tokyo Canal Live Webcam

Walrus Webcams

The walrus has a distinctive look with the whiskers and tusks. Those tusks can reach up to 3 feet in length and in the world of the walrus, size does matter.

Those with the longest tusks tend to receive higher levels of social status, but those with broken tusks will generally never reach alpha status. They’re strong enough to use for climbing purposes and polar bears even find it difficult to attach a walrus with tusks that are long enough.

Interesting Facts About Walruses

#1. The mouth of the walrus acts in the same way a vacuum cleaner works thanks to its whiskers. As the whiskers push aside sand, dirt, and silt, the walrus “sucks” using its mouth to root out clams and other shellfish. It can then pry open the shells with its lips and tongue and remove the contents inside. Just one walrus can consume over 4,000 shellfish in a single feeding session.

#2. Walruses like to work hard and play harder. When they are out at sea, it is not unusual for a walrus to stay away for 100 consecutive hours. As soon as they hit land, they’ll sleep the day away on their backs to avoid any tusk disturbances. A walrus on land might only be awake for 5 hours during the day.

#3. The heart of the walrus can recognize the depth of a dive and adjust circulation to adapt to the pressures and lack of oxygen 300 feet or deeper. This gives the walrus more oxygen and energy so the dive can be completed when they are hunting.

#4. Walruses are known to hunt down larger prey than shellfish. Smaller seals are also potential food sources, as well as any other suspecting creature of a similar size out in the ocean.

#5. If you see a group of walruses together, this is called a “herd.” Most herds tend to prefer the habitats that can be found around the Arctic Circle. They’ll venture further south in order to access food, especially during the colder months of the year when ice flows also begin to float south.

#6. Walruses segregate their herds based on gender. It is only when mating season comes along will the two genders come together to form one very large herd.

#7. Walrus calves weigh about as much as a human when they are born, averaging about 70 kilograms at birth. It takes about 16 months for the gestation cycle to complete and it always occurs during the spring migration for the herd. Baby walruses can swim immediately after birth. Male walruses stay with their mothers for up to 3 years before they join the male herd.

Live Walrus Cams

 Walruses are smart, curious, and playful animals. These webcams will let you watch them right now.

View Round Island, Alaska Walrus Cam.

View Indianapolis Zoo Walrus Cam.

Encountering a walrus in a zoo can be a lot of fun because of their engaging personalities. Walruses in the wild tend to act the same way.